Higher than normal non-Covid deaths in Brent during the pandemic

A person wears a plastic face covering as they wait in line for the Covid-19 vaccinations at the Olympic Centre Wembley

Excess deaths caused by the Covid pandemic rose by as much as 187% in the first wave March to July - Credit: PA

New figures reveal that hundreds more people died than usual in Brent during the first two waves of the coronavirus pandemic – including many from causes other than Covid.

Office of National Statistics data shows how many more people died during the first wave (March to July 2020) and the second wave (September 2020 to March 2021), compared with the previous five-year average for those periods.

The difference is referred to as "excess deaths" and includes all deaths, whether the person had Covid or not.

In Brent, there were 537 excess deaths during the first wave, including 454 deaths due to Covid. This means 83 more people died from other causes than in an average year.

There were 262 excess deaths during the second wave, when 329 people died due to Covid.

In the first wave, Church End saw the most excess deaths with 38, followed by Alperton West (28), Barnhill The Avenue (27), Neasden (25) and Barnhill (25).

During the second wave, Church End (23) and Alperton West (20) also had the highest number of excess deaths.