Disabled pensioner from Kilburn needing treatment ‘forced to visit 11 medical centres’

Leslie Clyne, Kilburn resident, has slammed after care in the borough after being forced to hobble t

Leslie Clyne, Kilburn resident, has slammed after care in the borough after being forced to hobble to 13 different centres following an operation on his feet Pic credit: Jonathan Goldberg - Credit: Archant

A disabled pensioner from Kilburn said he thought he was going to die amid claims he was forced to visit 11 medical centres to seek treatment for his damaged feet.

Leslie Clyne, of Priory Park Road, told the Times that he has endured a painful 10-month battle for medical help following an operation on both feet.

The 66-year-old, who has physical disabilities and learning difficulties, had a toe nail removed on his left foot and an ingrowing nail operated on his right foot which needed rebandaging every two days.

But he claims Lonsdale Medical Centre in Lonsdale Road, where he is a patient, made him visit others as they were unable to treat him due to a lack of staff.

He said: “The nurse was away at my GP surgery and I was told to go to the different walk-in and urgent care centres because the surgery didn’t have any cover for her. There’s no reception at the Willesden Centre, only an automated telephone, so I couldn’t talk to anyone there.”

While he sought help on his feet he had to have his toe nail removed on his right.

Both procedures were carried out at Podiatry Clinic at Willesden Centre for Health and Care and Mr Clyne said his GP surgery failed to treat either foot resulting in him visiting more centres to seek help.

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“In the end I had to do it myself,” he said.

“I couldn’t cope, I thought I was going to die.

“There needs to be better care for patients like me. We shouldn’t be forced to hobble around seeking help.”

Nicholas Driessens, practice manager at Lonsdale Medical Centre, denied there were no nurses available for Mr Clyne.

He added: “Patients can attend the urgent care at St Charles in Ladbrooke Grove.

“We also have the locality hub which offers nurse appointments on the weekend if patients need this actioned on the weekend.”

A spokesperson for London Northwest Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the Podiatry Clinic, said: “We are sorry to learn about the difficulties that Mr Clyne has experienced.

“We have reviewed the care he received following both procedures and are satisfied that this was appropriate.

“If Mr Clyne had any concerns he could have contacted the clinic for further advice but appears not to have done so.”