Data shows Delta is fast-becoming Brent's dominant Covid-strain

The Oxford University vaccine to build immunity against coronavirus is advancing

The Covid vaccine is being rolled out in Brent - Credit: PA

Latest coronavirus figures have shown the Delta variant is spreading quickly in Brent, but not as fast as in other boroughs.

Figures for the week up to June 5 showed the strain, previously known as the Indian variant, had amassed 60 cases in the borough- 35 per cent of the 171 total contractions. 

Since Delta was discovered, Brent has seen 139 cases of this latest strain, some 15 per cent of the 942 total cases. The notable jump in percentage is part of a wider trend that has seen Delta become the UK’s most dominant strain. 

However, Brent did show a lower rise of Delta cases compared to some other boroughs. 

The 35 per cent figure was lower than Hackney (36 per cent), Camden (42), and significantly lower than Islington (71).

Brent has the highest number of cases of all strains of the virus (942) than 11 other comparison boroughs since the Delta variant was discovered.