Coronavirus: Northwick Park Hospital first in UK to use mobile kidney dialysis machines in treating covid patients

Northwick Park Hospital is the first place in UK to employ the use of mobile kidney dialysis machine

Northwick Park Hospital is the first place in UK to employ the use of mobile kidney dialysis machines. Picture: LNWUH - Credit: Archant

Northwick Park Hospital is the first place in UK to use mobile kidney dialysis machines which is saving the lives of many Covid-19 patients.

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWUH) and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust have joined forces to deploy three NX Stage dialysis machines at the Watford Road hospital.

The NX Stage dialysis machines have traditionally been used by patients in their own homes where they learn to dialysis themselves.

Imperial already runs a large renal unit at Northwick Park Hospital treating up to 180 patients a day and the current Covid-19 pandemic offered a “perfect opportunity” for the trusts to “forge a closer working relationship”.

Tariq Husain, clinical lead for Intensive Care, said: “There is always opportunity in crisis and the number of patients requiring Intensive Care and their illness severity was previously unimaginable.”

“There has been great focus on the damage this virus can do to the lungs but it can have a devastating impact on the heart and kidneys as well.”

Up to one third of the patients admitted to critical care during the current pandemic needed dialysis and - with existing therapies running short - a practical alternative was quickly needed.

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Dr Neill Duncan, a renal consultant at Imperial College, added: “The traditional dialysis machines we use are cumbersome in a difficult workspace.

“One of the positives that has come out of this crisis is just how quickly and effectively everyone has come together to come up with a smart alternative solution

“It’s a great lesson to take out of what has been a distressing situation and we have trained a group of clinical staff called the ‘Dialysis Dozen’ to use the NX Stage equipment in only three days.

“They’re an impressive group of people. Particular thanks go to Sister Claire Edwards and Training Nurse Garry Saquing.”

A loss or changed sense of taste or smell are to be added to the NHS coronavirus symptoms list,

Anyone suffering loss of taste or smell - or a noticeable change - should now self-isolate for seven days to reduce the risk of spreading the infection, England’s deputy chief medical officer, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam has said.

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