Brent residents urged to get fit not fail by personal trainer Matt Wolstenholme

Lorraine tries her best to avoid 'bingo wings' (pic credit: Jan Nevill)

Lorraine tries her best to avoid 'bingo wings' (pic credit: Jan Nevill) - Credit: Archant

Most people have a New Year’s resolution that involves either losing weight or getting fit (including me) but how many still keep going towards the end of February and beginning of March?

Lorraine in the midst of a dreaded burpee (pic credit: Jan Nevill)

Lorraine in the midst of a dreaded burpee (pic credit: Jan Nevill) - Credit: Archant

While I have no figures to hand, it’s not hard to see that gym members discover they are no longer queuing to use the treadmill or find an empty locker upon arrival.

Yep, many people fall by the wayside including those who train outside such as me.

The weather typically becomes a bit brisker in February so hitting that snooze button and spending an extra 30 minutes in bed is just far too tempting.

But Matt Wolstenholme is the master of ‘interest keeping’ and not in the way of a loan shark.

Out in a very muddy Roe Green Park in Kingsbury he rolls out a new tool – Tabata.

This masterpiece stems from Japan and not only does it keep you completely concentrated but, more important right now, it keeps you interested.

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This endurance exercise was Invented by Izumi Tabata after he ran tests on two groups of athletes; comparing moderate high intensity training with high intensity interval training.

So with Matt I had to sprint for a minute then rest for 30 seconds and then sprint for 30 seconds; I think you get the drift.

But of course he mixed it up with squats and the dreaded burpees (a squat followed by a high jump).

If you think it sounds easy please, please try it yourself as part of a circuit.

I now know what endurance training really is as I have never pushed my body to the limit like this.

I wouldn’t use the word lucky as such, but I did two runs during the week and both Matt and I noticed my recovery period between each exercise was quicker.

This backs up Matt’s advice that if you are to train like this once a week it’s advantageous to do some cardio in the week.

He said: “When doing mild exercise, such as walking or jogging, the body produces the energy required aerobically - using oxygen.

“During rigorous activity, such as sprinting, the body starts generating energy anaerobically - using sources stored in the body. This can only be sustained for short periods.

“Good training can increase the threshold at which you work anaerobically, meaning you will be able to do more work aerobically.

“This has benefits for endurance exercise like long-distance running.”

As per usual we finish our session off with some boxing exercises - which I have to say is the most fun form of cardio.

Not only does it get your heart racing it tones your arms up rather nicely (no bingo wings please) and will give you a killer posterior as you squat to ‘avoid’ punches.

Looks like my mission to run a 10k is becoming a whole lot more achievable.

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