Staff at Northwick Park Hospital have felt “undervalued” due to scrutiny following under par Care Quality Commission ratings - its new chief executive has said.

Pippa Nightingale, who has recently taken over at the helm of the London North West University Healthcare Trust, said she is looking to reform workplace culture.

The commission recently rated the trust as ‘requires improvement’ despite noting that improvements had been made.

“The staff can feel quite undervalued and not being recognised, so I am trying to be present,” said Ms Nightingale - who used to work at the hospital as a nurse.

“Being a nurse (by background) can make this easier. It has been great to work alongside people, see their challenges but also recognise what they are doing well. I want to commit to an improved culture. If we look after staff well they look after their patients well.”

She added: “It is an organisation that has had many challenges. A lot of scrutiny. And poor ratings. That can make staff feel like they are not doing a good job even when they are (but there are wider problems). It is helping them recognise they have had challenges. They do really good things every day.”