High tech glasses utilising augmented reality were used in a cancer operation for the first time at Northwick Park Hospital.

HoloLens2 allowed Abdul Ahmed and his team to ‘see through’ Linda Malik’s skin without making an incision by superimposing preoperative scans.

The 64-year-old chef and mother of three was the first person to undergo this approach after she was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw, but had not heard of HoloLens before this.

Linda, who lives in Hillingdon, said: “Abdul promised I wouldn’t miss my cruise holiday so I put my trust in him and the team.

“I’m just relieved the procedure went well and I want to thank everyone at the hospital.”

Two surgical teams worked in tandem during the 12-hour operation, removing the diseased tissue and fitting a reconstructed jaw with an artery and vein to provide blood flow.

HoloLens, developed by Microsoft and powered by Medical iSight software, enhances the planning and precision needed in reconstructive surgery.