Harlesden traders attacked as looters attempt to storm their shops

Youths carrying makeshift weapons rampaged down busy high street

Harlesden shopkeepers were attacked trying to defend their businesses as looters carrying makeshift weapons ran riot down a busy high road.

Workers at Best Buy on Harlesden High Street fought off attempts to enter their shop from a gang of around 20 thieves, alleged to be aged 13-26, carrying bits of wood from nearby shop fronts and stolen wooden mops.

One employee was seen with cuts and bruises on his face and forehead whilst another had blood coming from his nose.

According to a nearby shop keeper, police, who were attending an incident at a pawn brokers further up the high street, were on to the incident in a flash.

He said; “They were on top of it within five minutes but considering they are all over the place you would expect that.

“They grabbed wooden mops from outside my shop and tried to get into Best Buy but let me tell you them boys were not having it.

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“There was only a few of them at first but they fought back no doubt about it.

“A bunch more came round the corner but by the time it got to serious the police were on top of it.

As the rampage took hold worried traders started closing up their shops, pulling down metal shutters for extra protection, and by 6.30pm almost every shop on Harlesden High Street was closed.

Lacrcio Da Silva owner of Caf� Brasil, on station road, Harlesden, said: “I was talking to a friend at a nearby shop when I heard that the riots had started.

“I rushed back to my shop to close everything up and make sure all the staff was safe.

“I don’t know why this is happening in London but I don’t feel safe.”