Harlesden shopkeepers ‘refusing’ to let residents top up their energy cards

Harlesden residents claim they are being refusede access to PayPoint

Harlesden residents claim they are being refusede access to PayPoint - Credit: Archant

Claims traders are barring people from using PayPoint service unless they buy goods from their stores

Harlesden residents could be left to freeze in their homes this weekend because stores are refusing to provide a service that allows them to top up their energy cards, it has been claimed.

Concerned residents have contacted the Times to say numerous stores in the High Street and surrounding area are informing customers that the PayPoint system, which allows you to make pre payments for heating and electricity, is broken.

But they claim the machines are working but shop owners are telling people they can only top-up if they purchase further items in store.

Temperatures are expected to dip to the minuses this weekend with more snow forecast to fall over much of London.

Pat Evans, who lives in Craven Park, contacted us to say she couldn’t find any store willing to let her top up.

She said: “I was astonished to find I couldn’t find a pay pall that was working anywhere in Harlesden.

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“I have two children who are both 15 – they are trying to revise for exams and school but this has been a real hindrance.”

Another resident, Danielle Haydon, who lives in Manor Park Road, said: “Everywhere I go I’m told I can’t top up because there is a fault with the machine.

“They [shopkeepers] are saying they won’t sell you anything unless you buy a product in the shop but surely they can’t do that.

“I have a family I need to keep warm, this isn’t good enough.”

A spokesman for PayPoint insisted there were no extra charges to the service and encouraged anyone who had been told to make a separate purchase to make a complaint.

He said: “The PayPoint service is free. We make this clear on our website and to retailers when they sign up for a terminal. It is very important to us that our customers are not charged or told to make a purchase when using PayPoint, so we ask that anyone who is reports the shop to us.

“We haven’t received any complaints about customers being charged or told to make a purchase at any of our shops in Harlesden but we take every report very seriously.

“We thoroughly investigate them and, if it continues, have the option to remove the facility from the retailer.”

To make a complaint call 08457 600633 or visit www.paypoint.co.uk/contact-us.

Have you been refused access to PayPoint by a shopkeeper unless you made an additional purchase?

Call the newsteam on 020 7433 6244 or email max.walters@archant.co.uk