Harlesden is the new home for unique solar powered boat

Bauhaus is currently moored at the Grand Union Canal in Scrubs Lane

A self sufficient houseboat is ahead of the game with entirely solar powered electricity.

Jurgen Huber designed the cruiser ‘Bauhaus’ before bringing it to stay at the Grand Union Canal in Scrubs Lane, Harlesden.

The boat is uniquely designed and uses a Lynch motor, a British invented device which has the highest efficiency in the world.

Mr Huber said: “There are many PV solar and electrically powered boats or barges and many very nice houseboats on the market but there is nothing like this vessel.”

The vessel uses no gas or diesel and allows carbon neutral, self-sufficient cruising.

Over the next 25 years the solar system used will harness around 30000Kw/h of free energy.

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Charlie Robinson is currently staying on the boat with his wife, and is pleased to be staying in complete comfort whilst reducing the impact of his carbon footprint.

He said: “I’d estimate that by staying on the boat our carbon footprint is about 1/3 of what it would be if we were in a London flat.

“The boat is very well insulated and easy to run. It demonstrates that it is possible to live in this way, without putting such a strain on the planet, and without sacrificing any home comforts.”

Mr Huber’s ideas for the concept and design of Bauhaus were based on the manifesto of the German ‘Bauhaus’ Arts and Crafts school which was closed by the Nazi’s in 1933.

The idea is to use basic forms to create objects which are primarily functional but also aesthetically pleasing

The impressive boat has been on many an enjoyable trip including a visit to Venice.

Mr Huber described the houseboat as “groundbreaking” and maintains that it is a great example of modern technology.

“I do think the barge is really something to shout about.”