Harlesden is home to the world’s fattest man

Keith Martin weighs in at 58 stones

Scooping a world record is usually a proud achievement unless your name is Keith Martin and you live in Harlesden.

The 42-year-old is believed to the world’s fattest man after weighing in at a hefty 58 stone.

His two sisters, who he lives with in his reinforced home, cook his meals for him which includes eight hot dogs and sandwiches he starts the day of with.

Mr Martin has not left home for more than 20 years and started eating in excess after the death of mother 26 years ago.

He is pining his hopes on a gastric band to help him shed the stones but he will have to lose 29 stone on his own before he is allowed on the operating table.

He said: “Until people have lived like it, they can’t judge

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“Some people need help. Smokers get help, rock climbers get help if they get injured. Some people have bigger problems than others.”

A spokesman for NHS Brent, who fund his health care, has refused to disclose how much he costs them each year but it is speculated to be around �50,000.

The five-figure bill is a result of Mr Martin needing seven carers a day who wash and change him in two shifts, plus two nurses every other day who tend to his bed sores.

A specialist team use a �90,000 adapted ambulance to transport him to hospital and up to eight ambulance officers are needed to move him from his bed by stretcher or using a special bag.

Mr Martin, who is 5ft 9in with a 6ft waist, also suffers from depression and has been treated for heart problems.

In his quest to lose weight he has been placed under the care of a NHS nutritionist who sees him once a month.

He is speculated to have scooped the world record after its current title holder slimmed down to 31sts 6lb.

Mr Martin will feature on Channel 5 programme Big Body Squad which will air on February 22.