Harlesden flood causes local anger

Landlord goes fishing outside pub to mock Thames Water’s inaction

A WATER company was branded a disgrace after taking almost three weeks to fix a burst water pipe.

Thames Water’s inaction wasted thousands of gallons of water as a small river gushed down Park Parade, in Harlesden, since Christmas Day.

Danny Mulvihill, landlord at the nearby Royal Oak, said pedestrians and customers are getting soaked every time a car goes past.

He said: “It’s a disgrace; the amount of money they charge for water is ridiculous. And there’s a hose pipe ban in the summer it’s ridiculous.

“People walking passed the pub and smoking outside get soaked every time a car drives by

“Thames Water came out last week and the week before but just sat in their van until about 10pm and then went home. They didn’t do anything.”

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Mr Mulvihill was so incensed he decided to mock-up a fishing scene using a snooker cue, a piece of string and some fresh fish from the mongers.

The stunt attracted passers-by who were equally angry over the wastage.

However Thames Water defended themselves saying it was intentional.

A spokeswoman said: “We investigated this leak the same day it was reported to us and found that turning the water off in the pipe to do the repair would affect the water supply to 800 customers.

“We don’t like turning people’s water off and avoid it wherever possible so have planned to do the repair in a way that will ensure customers have water while we do the work.

The company said it has had to deal with a huge increse in burst pipes due to the cold weather.