Harlesden family claim Christmas burglars targeted them after landlords failed to fix faulty window

Mother and two daughters are now terrified to be alone in their home

A Harlesden woman was burgled of thousands of pounds worth of goods after thieves gained entry to her home through a faulty window which had been reported numerous times to a housing association.

Anna-Marie-Meadows, of Casselden Road, said she and her two daughters are ‘terrified’ to be alone in the house, as a result of the burglary, just before Christmas in which a television, games console and laptop was stolen.

The house is owned by Metropolitan Housing Partnership (MHP)and the thieves gained entry via a downstairs window which Miss Meadows claims she reported to be faulty on several occasions.

She said: “I kept calling and calling but each time someone came they just wrote things down and didn’t actually do anything.”

“What’s worse is this robbery happened when my two daughters and I were in bed.

“We were upstairs asleep while someone was going through our things; the thought of it terrifies me.”

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Many of the items stolen belonged to her daughters, Carla and Jessie, aged 11 and 17.

She added: “I work hard so that I don’t have to go on the dole, now everything I have worked for has been taken away from me.”

Miss Meadows claims that after she reported the burglary the window was fixed straight away when a screw was drilled into the lock to prevent it from opening at all.

She said: “I don’t understand why they could not have done that at the beginning when I made the first complaint.”

A spokeswoman for MHP said they were ‘sorry’ to hear about the burglary and that they were aware that the lock was loose.

She said: “We logged this on our system so the work could be scheduled in with our contractors in the near future.” However, she said that MHP were not informed that the handle had subsequently come off completely.

She added: “The window is now fully secure and the handle will be replaced after the Christmas holidays in the New Year.”