Harlesden councillor condemns looting violence

Politican speaks out after borough becomes a victim of copycat crime

A Harlesden councillor has described the violence seen in Brent today as a step back for the borough.

Councillor Lincoln Beswick MBE, Brent Council’s lead member for crime and community safety, confirmed the borough’s main shopping areas were on high alert following the looting of a pawnbrokers in Harlesden High Street at around 4.30pm.

A gang of around 40 masked people swooped on the shop before smashing the glass and grabbing jewellery.

The busy high street has now been cordoned off.

Speaking to the Times, Mr Beswick, who lives in Harlesden, said: “It has been very challenging day. There have been youths gathering and making their way into Harlesden.

“This is complete criminality. The livelihoods of people are being demolished right in front of us. It is pure criminal. To have this happen to a borough like Brent will be a step back for us.”

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Mr Beswick believes the section 60 stop and search order would be authorised in Brent before the end of the day.

He said: “It is one of the tools. It is there just in case police have to use it. They have to do it with tact because it can cause tensions. Protocols will be in place.”