Hampstead and Kilburn UKIP candidate caught on film declaring UK is ‘at war with Islam’

H&K UKIP parliamentary candidate Magnus Nielsen

H&K UKIP parliamentary candidate Magnus Nielsen - Credit: Archant

The UKIP candidate standing for election in Hampstead and Kilburn has been filmed declaring Britain is ‘at war with Islam’ at a right-wing rally.

The Mirror newspaper has released footage of Magnus Nielsen, an outspoken critic of Islam, addressing crowds at a weekend event in Westminster organized by the controversial MARIAS group-Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia.

Speaking to crowds Mr Nielsen, 65, is recorded saying: “I’d let the Muslims know they have to fight all the way along the line.”

Speaking into a microphone, the candidate who hopes to overturn Labour’s majority of 42 votes in the country’s tighest marginal race can be heard saying: “This country has been at war with Islam since Islam was created 1300 years ago.

“In fact, Islam has been the enemy of every democratic and free society ever since. And it’s gaining strength.”

Mr Nielsen appeared at the protest alonsgide fellow UKIP candidate Anne-Marie Waters, who is standing to become MP for Lewisham East.

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There is a formal ban on UKIP members having involvement with far right organizations such as the EDL and affiliated groups.

The video, which came to light following the Mirror’s investigation is available to view on this link.

In previous version of this article, the rally, organized by MARIAS was described as ‘far-right’ and as often being linked in media reports with the English Defence League.

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In a statement Mr Nielsen said: “ I strongly object to the term ‘far-right’ to describe my stance on politics.

“There are a number of serious errors in the Mirror article which present a distorted and prejudicial account of events to the otherwise uninformed reader.

“In the early afternoon of Saturday 11th April, a small group, not exceeding 20 persons, (not ‘large crowds’) of people, assembled on the pavement opposite Downing Street in Whitehall to raise awareness at the plight of young girls who had been groomed and sexually exploited by grooming gangs in Rotherham and other places.

“The entire proceedings were conducted in an orderly, peaceful and law-abiding manner without the rowdyism and violence that often spoils meetings of the English Defence League. There is, in fact, no association between MARIAS and the EDL. At no point did the meeting involve ‘crowds shouting anti-Islamic slogans”.Mr Nielsen most recently courted controversy in February when he said his ambition was to “licence the mosques”.

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