Hampstead and Kilburn MP Glenda Jackson unrepentant about Margaret Thatcher ‘attack’

Glenda Jackson speaking during the debate last week

Glenda Jackson speaking during the debate last week - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Labour politician said former Conservative Prime Minister wreaked ‘heinous social, economic and spiritual damage’ on the nation

The Hampstead and Kilburn MP who launched a stunning attack on Margaret Thatcher during a tribute session in the House of Commons has backed her decision to speak out about the late Prime Minister.

Glenda Jackson stood up during last week’s seven hour tribute and debating session in parliament to speak to MPs from all parties about the effects Thatcher’s government caused on her constituents and beyond.

The resulting video, in which the Labour politician claims Thatcher “wreaked heinous social, economic and spiritual damage” on the country has been viewed close to 1,000,000 times on video sharing website YouTube.

Speaking to the Times Ms Jackson said: “I have been a little bit surprised by the reaction.

“Somebody told me it had got nearly one million views online and I have had more than 4,000 emails.”

During her speech, Ms Jackson, a former Oscar-winning actress, claimed that everything she had been taught to regard as a vice was a virtue in Thatcher’s Britain and said although she was female in gender she was not a woman on her terms.

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The comment sparked jeers from Conservative MPs who felt the occasion should have been used to honour their former PM.

But Ms Jackson claimed their responses were “par for the course.”

She said: “I sat there for three hours listening to them [Conservative MPs] attempting to re-write history when I knew and had seen the damage her time in office caused.

“The NHS and education all suffered but what was most glaring was the rate of homelessness. I don’t think there was a single constituency that didn’t feel the impact of her time in office.”

Baroness Thatcher, who died on Monday, April 8, led the country for 11 years between 1979 and 1990.

Her funeral is scheduled for this Wednesday (17).

Commenting on the alleged £10m price tag Ms Jackson said: “I don’t understand it and the scale is a somewhat serious break with tradition but it’s a closed book now.

“At the moment most people seem to be in support at what I said.”