‘Golden oldie’ Brent resident turns 100

Megan Butcher and daughter Joyce Thompson are joined by other residents.

Megan Butcher and daughter Joyce Thompson are joined by other residents. - Credit: Archant

“Golden oldie” Megan Butcher was joined by 40 friends from the Bush Grove Residents’ Association and was also congratulated by The Queen.

The party last Wednesday was held for the association’s oldest resident who has lived in Brent since she was 15.

Having left her home in Wales, Ms Butcher moved first to Stonebridge where she trained to be a nurse before moving to Kingsbury where she has lived for the past 45 years.

On reaching her milestone 100th birthday, a celebration was planned by the residents’ association and took place between 1pm and 4pm.

“Being 100 she got a bit tired!” added association vice chair Sheila Perry.

“We had a lot of people come back who used to live in the area which was really nice.

“She had a great day.”

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Among the guests was her daughter, Joyce Thompson, 69, who travelled down to spend the day with her following a separate party thrown by her family. “She is our golden oldie,” Ms Perry continued.

“That is what we call her - the queen bee.”

She added: “She was most delighted about the telegram from The Queen.”

The gardening-loving birthday girl was lauded as “the most active person out of everybody” who learned to swim at 90 during a series of days out to Aspire Leisure Centre in Stanmore.

She was then awarded her swimming medal four years ago at the remarkable age of 96.

Mrs Perry described the huge turn-out for her latest birthday as “a big surprise”.

“I think she was very humbled,” she added.

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