Five-year-old girl sings tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore

Amari Shah-Levy

Young entertainer Amari Shah-Levy - Credit: Aneka Shah-Levy

A five-year-old girl has sung a tribute to the late Captain Sir Tom Moore as part of her charity drive.

Amari Shah-Levy, granddaughter of Brent and Harrow London Assembly chair Navin Shah, is raising money for children’s mental health charity Young Minds Trust.

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, which runs from February 1 to 7 with the theme this year of Express Yourself, her family have launched a fundraising page, Let Amari Entertain You, and are uploading her songs.

Amari Shah-Levy with her mum Aneka 

Amari Shah-Levy with her mum Aneka - Credit: Aneka Shah-Levy

Her latest is a cover of Phil Collins' You’ll Be in My Heart in tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore who died on February 2 after having raised nearly £33 million for the NHS.

Amari said: "Captain Moore is a very nice and kind man and I want to thank him for everything that he has done. He must have been tired doing all of that walking! I’m very sad that he died."

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Mum Aneka said: "We've recently started to make videos to help cheer people up during lockdown.

"The pandemic has had a major impact on so many things and the lasting effect it will have on our children and their mental health is a very real worry for many, so Young Minds felt like a relevant and important cause to raise money and awareness for in these times."

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She added: "My deepest concern aside from the pandemic, is how it has affected Amari’s mental health - I’ve seen certain changes in her behaviour which worry me and I can’t help but wonder how this will all impact her in the long term.

"I haven’t spoken to a single parent or grandparent who isn’t worried about the very same thing, so this felt like a really important cause to raise awareness of."

Amari Shah-Levy

Amari Shah-Levy sang ‘Sabarmati Ke Sant…’ for India’s Republic Day - Credit: Aneka Shah-Levy

Amari added: "I love school very much and really miss my friends. I wish I could go back to school soon and play with my friends again. 

"I love singing and hope that I help people to feel better. Singing makes me feel happy when I’m sad and it makes mummy and my family happy too."

Mr Shah said: "As doting grandfather, of course I’m biased, but Amari is a talented performer.

"My favourite ones are The Unknown and Sabarmati Ke Sant… - a tribute in Hindi language to Mahatma Gandhi on India’s Republic Day.

Her target is to raise £1,000 and has to date collected £345.

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