Giant mascot kidnapped in Wembley

Company offer �100 for return of valued marketing asset

WHAT’S seven foot tall, black and yellow, and missing?

The colourful mascot of a repair company that was ‘kidnapped’ during a visit to the borough.

The giant screwdriver which is a symbol for 0800 repair was snatched from the top of one their vans which was parked in Homefield Road, Sudbury.

Maybe someone felt they had a large screw loose and the mascot was fit for the job, or perhaps they wanted to drive the company crazy.

Whatever the reason, Paul Feek, managing director of 0800 Repair, has put up a �100 reward for the mascot’s return.

He said: “Somebody somewhere must know something.

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“Perhaps your friend or loved one has been acting suspiciously, or carrying a giant screwdriver around.

“Either way we urge you to get in touch. Even the smallest detail could lead to a major breakthrough in the case.

“The screwdriver was our most effective marketing asset and had been with the company for over a year.

“If the kidnappers are listening to this, I would ask them to please not harm the screwdriver, or send us body parts – such as a severed flat-head – in the post, we just ask for its safe return.”

Hanif Balbeo was driving the van when the screwdriver was pinched, he said: “They must have had a big job on themselves if they needed a screwdriver that big.

“The only consolation was a bottle of beer they left on the bonnet of the van.”

Anyone with any information regarding the screwdriver is asked to call 01909 519258.