Giant incinerator and HS2 could be coming to Harlesden

Residents are opposed to the proposals to build a giant recylcing centre at Willesden Junction

Residents are opposed to the proposals to build a giant recylcing centre at Willesden Junction - Credit: Archant

Email reveals residents could face double threat

Campaigners have raised fears that residents in Harlesden could soon have both a giant incinerator and part of the government’s controversial high speed railway on their doorstep.

The concerns surfaced after an email seen by the Times on talks between the applicants for the incinerator, Clean Power Properties, and High Speed 2 officials, suggested there could be a way forward for both.

The email said: “The applicants had advised there had been further discussions with HS2 and the applicants considered there was a way forward.”

Dan Rowe, a member of campaign group ‘No NW10 Incinerator’ told the Times: “It’s insane that Ealing Council has the power to give the go ahead for a waste plant only metres from Brent’s homes and schools.”

Last year Clean Power Properties put in an application for an ‘energy recovery centre’ to be built on the Willesden Junction industrial site.

If given approval, it would see a plant with four 25-metre-high chimneys spouting burnt waste built on the site.

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Although the proposed site is in the borough of Ealing, the plans attracted criticism from campaign groups in neighbouring Harlesden and Willesden, who fear an increase in traffic and air pollution.

A decision was due to be made by Ealing Council’s planning committee last year. However, just before Christmas, the Times revealed that High Speed 2 officials had also earmarked the site and the application was put on hold to allow talks to take place.

Mark Walker, a member of The Island Triangle Residents Association, at Willesden Junction, said: “With the increase in traffic caused by Hs2 and the Clean Power application, residents need to have their quality of life taken into account.

‘‘It’s a well-established residential area, a vibrant community. It will be a shame if that is not taken into account.”

However, HS2 and Ealing Council both denied a decision had been reached.

A spokesman for Hs2 said: “We have met with the applicant and we are currently awaiting the outcome of our ongoing discussions.”

A spokesman for Ealing Council said: “We understand discussions between HS2 and the applicants have taken place but we have not received any further update from HS2 Ltd.”

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