Litter crusader launches mission to clean up Wembley

George Bitiusca, Wembley Park litter crusader

George Bitiusca, Wembley Park litter crusader on a trip to Barcelona - Credit: George Bitiusca

A Wembley Park litter crusader has been cleaning his neighbourhood and filming the  situation to highlight how terrible it is.  

Earlier this month George Bitiusca decided to finally do something about the state of rubbish where he lives in Chalkhill Road.

He now collects rubbish every weekend for about two hours and has picked litter including cans dumped eight years ago.

The 34-year-old software developer said: “The contrast between the general tidiness of central London and other parts of London is absolutely striking, to the point where it feels like I've been sold a fake dream moving here,” he said.

“I decided to turn my frustration with having to look at rubbish every time I stepped outside the house into action. 

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“I bought a GoPro camera and minimal litter-picking equipment and I started to go out every weekend and clean up my neighbourhood.  

"I film everything and then upload it so that others are inspired to do the same. It's a rewarding activity that benefits everyone, but it can be also heartbreaking when you see that nothing stays clean for long around here.” 

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George previously lived in Queensbury for three years, where he first realised the problems with littering and fly-tipping. 

He believes that “rubbish attracts more rubbish”, and hopes the council will Install more rubbish bins and “crack down” on those who drink in public spaces. 

“I don't care what kind of budget cuts, logistic difficulties, covid-19, denial of responsibility or any other excuse is invoked by the council, the matter of the fact is that their current strategy is failing the citizens of Brent miserably and they simply have to come up with something better,” he added.  

He said he will continue collecting rubbish "until I don’t have time to do it anymore or lose hope and leave Brent". 

Cllr Krupa Sheth, Brent Council's lead member for environment said the council "makes it as easy as possible" for people dispose of their waste and said it clears rubbish "within 24 hours of receiving reports through the ‘LoveCleanStreets’ app".

"We have enforcement officers carrying out regular patrols and can issue fines for littering and street drinking. 

“Over the last year, we issued over 3,000 fixed penalty notices to those selfish individuals who think the rules don’t apply to them. 

“There is no excuse for littering, and my message to litterbugs is clear. Your rubbish, your responsibility.”

To join a clean-up at Wembley Park Station this Saturday at 3pm visit

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