General Election 2019: Barry Gardiner holds on to Brent North

Labour's Barry Gardiner held on to his seat in Brent North. PIcture: Nathalie Raffray

Labour's Barry Gardiner held on to his seat in Brent North. PIcture: Nathalie Raffray - Credit: Archant

Barry Gardiner is celebrating retaining the seat in Brent North he has held for 22 years.

The Labour incumbent triumphed once again with 26,911 votes, a significant drop compared to 35,496 votes in 2017 and 28,351 in 2015.

Before the election he was shadow minister for international climate change as well as being the international trade chief before the election.

His party suffered "devastating losses" with leader Jeremy Corbyn pledging not to take the party through another election as he retained his seat in Islington North.

On the stage at Brent Civic Centre, Mr Gardiner said it was "an honour to be returning" to represent Brent North, adding: "It's a very sad night for our country and this election for many people for many young people in particular there's been things stolen from them, whether it's in housing, whether it's in climate change, whether it's in the future of the union of our country I believe these things are now in peril.

"For our country as a whole I look to those who will be deeply disappointed by this national result."

He said the idea that Brexit would be done with any speed after January was "a fiction".

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"The deep divisions that is in our society must be healed, must be healed sooner rather than later and I believe that the government as well as my party must reach out to make sure that happens," he said.

Early in the evening the polls suggested huge wins for the Conservatives.

Mr Gardiner told the Times: "I'm devastated if the predictions prove correct, not just for my colleagues but for the people that we want to help, people who want decent homes and decent schools."

First-time candidate Anjana Patel, his Conservative rival, came second with 18,832 votes, a larger share than the 18,435 votes Ameet Jogia won in 2017.

Liberal Democrat Paul Lorber came third with 4,065 votes.

In an election dominated by Brexit nationally the Leave vote was split between the Conservative Party and Brexit Party.

First time candidate for the Brexit Party Susie O'Brien got 951 votes,

Simon Rebbitt (Green) received 850 votes, Elcena Jeffers (Independent) 101, and Noel Coonan (Independent) 169.

Turn out in Brent North was 62.16 per cent, down on 2017's 68.2pc.