Fundraising page launched to replace pushchair stolen from young cerebral palsy sufferer in Kilburn

Bailey in her buggy with her mother Mel and brother Shea

Bailey in her buggy with her mother Mel and brother Shea - Credit: Archant

A fundraising mission is underway to replace a stolen pushchair belonging to a four-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer from Kilburn.

Thieves have stolen Bailey's buggy called 'Simba'

Thieves have stolen Bailey's buggy called 'Simba' - Credit: Archant

Kind-hearted mother-of-three Kim Quinn has set up a special webpage after hearing that callous thieves made off with Bailey Walters-Lawrence’s £2,000 stroller last weekend.

Bailey is currently waiting to undergo a life-changing operation which was made possible after the community raised the £30,000 needed for the procedure last month.

The two-month long fundraising mission named ‘Bailey’s Wish’ was launched after the family was told by Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) that the funding for the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), which will help her to walk, was no longer available on the NHS.

Bailey’s mum Mel discovered the stroller named ‘Simba’ was missing when the family returned from a trip to Disneyworld Paris organised by the Make A Wish charity to find their shed had been broken into.

Kim Quinn with her three sons Jamie, John and Jack

Kim Quinn with her three sons Jamie, John and Jack - Credit: Archant

The theft is a double blow for the family as Ms Walters-Lawrence has now been forced to raise a further £15,000 to pay for her daughter’s aftercare including thrice weekly physiotherapy sessions costing £70 each.

Despite the theft Ms Walters-Lawrence was told she would have to buy a replacement herself.

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Ms Quinn, whose youngest son had recently undergone an operation at GOSH, told the Times: “I instantly wanted to do something to help,

“I searched Facebook for Bailey’s mother for permission to set up the fundraiser and she accepted.

“I’m outraged that someone could be so cruel to steal the pram whoever it was would have known it’s not your average high street pram they have no morals or conscience.”

Ms Walters-Lawrence added: “I am really touched by Kim’s kindness.

“I’d been told I have to pay for the buggy myself which means more fundraising so I am so grateful Kim has set up this page.

“I’m shocked and disgusted that someone would steal Bailey’s buggy it’s pretty obvious it belongs to a disabled child and if anyone out there knows where it is please come forward.”

To make a donation visit here.