Pictures: Snow arrives covering Gladstone Park and Neasden Temple

Neasden Temple

Neasden Temple - Credit: BAPS org

Families enjoyed their daily exercise in Gladstone Park as snow came to Brent, while Neasden Temple basked under the white blanket.

Snow finally arrived in London on Sunday (January 24) coming as a blizzard and quickly settling.

A tree in Gladstone park

A tree in Gladstone Park looking 'magical' under the snow - Credit: Natasha Back

People braved the icy conditions as arctic air caused temperatures to drop and snow to fall.

Cricklewood local Richard Rowland captured families and individuals making the most of the weather in Gladstone Park walking, jogging, sledging, with youngsters having snowball fights and adults making snowmen.

Meanwhile all was tranquil around the Hindu temple in Pramukh Swami Road.


Neasden Temple

Neasden Temple as snow came to Brent - Credit: BAPS org

Gladstone Park

Gladstone Park - Credit: Ian Peter

Ian Peter snapped a sculpture in Gladstone Park, saying on Facebook: "Our beautiful park looks even more magical and majestic in the snow  And doesn’t the lady in the pond look like she’s got soap suds in her hair from washing it?!"