Free schools in Wembley and Gladstone Park granted approval by government

Pupils sat GCSE exams last summer

Pupils sat GCSE exams last summer - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Schools could open in time for September 2014

The government has today (Mon) given approval for two free schools to open in Wembley and the Gladstone Park area.

The schools, which will be in Gladstone Park and Wembley Central, were given approval to open by the education secretary Michael Gove.

Gladstone School, which will be in the Gladstone Park area of Brent and Gateway Academy, close to Wembley High Road are among more than 100 schools across the country which have been granted approval.

Free school’s, which are championed by education secretary Michael Gove, can be controversial because it results in schools breaking away from local authority control and can be proposed by any group of parents or an organisation.

In order for them to be approved the Department for Education (DfE) has to be provided with ample evidence that the school is needed with support of parents.

Once given approval they can manage their own curriculum and admissions policy.

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Commenting, Mr Gove said: “There are many innovators in local communities set on raising standards of education for their children. I am delighted to approve so many of their high-quality plans to open a free school.

“Free schools are extremely popular with parents and are delivering strong discipline and teaching excellence across the country.”

More than 100 free schools were approved nationwide which will make up around 50,000 school places.

They are expected to begin opening in September 2014.