Found! A matted poodle dumped on the North Circular in the middle of the night

Mayhew's kennels assistant Josh with Brian

Mayhew's kennels assistant Josh with Brian - Credit: Mayhew

A poodle was dumped on the busy North Circular road in the middle of the night.

A member of the public noticed the 10-year-old wandering into the road and nearly getting hit by traffic, so immediately called the police.

The police brought the poodle, named Brian, into animal-welfare charity Mayhew.

Mayhew’s animal welfare officer, Tania Mazzoni, said: “When Brian first arrived he was so matted he kept bumping into walls because he couldn’t see properly. The poor poodle was filthy.

“We don’t know how long he’d been walking the streets, but he was so exhausted he fell asleep while we were clipping him.

“We can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for Brian to be left like that and we wish whoever had abandoned him had called us first.”

After being clipped, Brian was given a thorough health check.

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Mayhew’s vet, Dr Emma Robinson, said: “Brian had a vaccination and flea and worming treatment. He also has some problems with his eyes, which need further investigation.”

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