Former worker claims he was exposed to hepatitis at Kilburn hostel

Conway House in Quex Road

Conway House in Quex Road - Credit: Archant

Ex-employee alleges he worked with drug addicts without receiving vital inoculations at Conway House

Managers of a Kilburn hostel for vulnerable people have been accused of making an employee work with drug-dependent residents without receiving vital inoculations.

According to Sean Duffy, a former support worker at Conway House in Quex Road, he was frequently made to work in close contact with a known drug user with hepatitis despite senior management knowing he did not yet have the relevant vaccinations.

He is now pursuing a case for constructive dismissal against Irish Centre Housing, who run the hostel, which provides accommodation and support to vulnerable people, including drug addicts.

Mr Duffy claimed he was threatened with the sack when he questioned whether he should be working without vaccinations.

He also claimed he was forced to man a building without members of management present, despite a resident threatening others with a gun just moments earlier.

The allegations stretch back to 2010 when he was working there. A statement seen by the Times from a fellow resident of Conway House says: “Due to [the resident] using drugs, he [Mr Duffy] had to be very careful when entering his room.

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“The hostel knew of [the resident’s] drug taking and the health hazard but still sent an inexperienced worker in there.”

Mr Duffy said: “He was known to be using drugs and I had to check to see if there was used needles.

“I was frightened but believed if I complained I would lose my job.”

A spokesman for ICH said: “We understand that the employee has commenced proceedings in the Employment Tribunal.

“The claim has not yet been served. In the circumstances it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on any specific matters.

“We are aware of a number of grievances previously raised and to the extent that his tribunal claim raises those matters, it will be vigorously defended.”