Author duo to test football knowledge in quiz for World Book Day

Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton

Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton, founders of the Football School - Credit: Football School

A comical duo who have put the fun into football stories are taking part in a quiz for World Book Day. 

Alex Bellos, who lives in Kensal Green, and Ben Lyttleton, from Willesden, have written a special edition of their Football School series which youngsters can pick up free or for £1.

Their book, 20 Fantastic Football Stories, includes nuggets from other award-nominated titles with original material added in.

20 Fantastic Football Stories by Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton

The 20 Fantastic Football Stories by Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton - Credit: Football School

On World Book Day (WBD) on March 4, the pair are taking part in a Premier League live Facebook event at 9.15am which includes activities such as a live Q&A and a "footballtastic" quiz.

Footballers from professional clubs, including Everton and  Crystal Palace, are also popping by.

WBD aims to change lives through a love of books and shared reading, promotes reading for fun and offers every child and young person a book of their own.

Alex said: "WBD is a huge privilege as this is the biggest day of the year when it comes to reading and kids so it's something that every author dreams of being able to take part in.

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"It has been great fun and it's going to be a great week with plenty going on. Even though schools are shut and book shops are shut, we're going to make as much noise as we can to get the message through that reading is fun and reading really makes a big difference to future success of children."

The two dads - Alex has two boys and Ben has two girls - met some 15 years ago.

Alex, a science journalist, and Ben, a sports writer,  shared a love of football and thought: "Why not do something together?"

Four years ago they set up the Football School to encourage children to read by explaining the world through football. 

They have written about football and poo, which covers digestion and nutrition; football and physics, which explains how companies test their footballs for the correct bounce; football chants covers music; and there is also information about cliches, which is about how to write and speak English.

Their pre-teen children are the joke checkers.

Ben said: "We are like the horrible history books of football. We are serious and engaging and using all that humour and goofiness to explain serious stuff. Let's get kids loving books, learning and laughing."