Fly tipping in Brent rockets by 147 per cent in three years

Fly-tipping in Brent has surged by 147% in three years

Fly-tipping in Brent has surged by 147% in three years - Credit: Archant

Fly tipping has surged by 147 per cent in Brent in the last three years, according to the council.

Cllr John Duffy, Labour representative for Kilburn Ward

Cllr John Duffy, Labour representative for Kilburn Ward - Credit: Archant

The shocking figures show there were 7,001 incidents of reported fly-tipping in 2014 compared to 17,338 incidents by March this year.

Cllr John Duffy, Labour representative for Kilburn, has slammed his own party’s policies and has called for an urgent review of fly tipping.

He said policy decisions were not working and criticised Brent Council’s pilot scheme with environmental group Kingdom which saw a 32pc increase in fly tipping during the 12-month trial period.

The pilot, which ended earlier this year, saw uniformed patrol officers give £80 on-the-spot fines to people “committing a waste offence” but Cllr Duffy said they were “more interested in people dropping cigarette butts than dealing with giant bags of dumped rubbish”.

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He added: “The real reason for the 147pc rise is a policy failure by the cabinet. The private sector and officers pulled the cabinet’s trousers down and Kingdom Securities were allowed to maximise profits for themselves while ignoring the growing number of flytips dumped all over Brent.”

He also slammed the new £35 bulky waste charge which came into effect on September 27, saying the pricing structure needed a review.

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A spokeswoman for Brent Council said that the council disagreed with the need for a review.

She said: “Performance is constantly monitored. There has been a rise in reported illegally dumped waste nationally, and unfortunately Brent is no exception.

“The litter patrol pilot run by Kingdom was a success and bringing the service in-house will ensure that we can focus even more on serving the community and residents’ needs and cracking down on illegal dumping and littering,” she said.

“Our strengthened Enviro-Crime enforcement team use all the investigatory powers at their disposal to gather evidence to identify and pursue offenders and anyone found to be dumping waste will be prosecuted and may even face prison, she added.”

She said income raised from Fixed Penalty Notices, more than £11,000 since it was introduced this year, is used ”to ensure much more surveillance at hotspots, including the use of new CCTV cameras.”

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