Female-only massage clinic opens in Harlesden

 Ayisha Hussain

Ayisha Hussain, founder of Prestige Massagist in Harlesden - Credit: Ayisha Hussain

A female-only massage business has opened in Harlesden as covid lockdown rules ease.

Prestige Massagist, a modern-style luxury massage clinic for females, opened its doors for business on Monday (April 12), after launching it during the pandemic.  

Ayisha Hussain, 25, owner of the clinic in Craven Park Road said she took six months during lockdown to get her business ready and has already attracted many rap artists and high-profile clients.   

She told this paper: “I wanted to build a massage place as a safe space for women with cultural and religious beliefs, who need to have trust with their therapists. 

“After doing research, I found out that not only Muslim ladies are in need this kind of service, but also other females.” 

Ayisha lost her job as a manager for secondary school sport facilities in March 2020 after the pandemic first hit in the UK.

However, while on the government scheme applying for jobs, she had free time to think about her true passions and what she can do to get herself out of the situation.  

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“That was not a nice place to be,” Ayisha added. “I thought to myself long and hard about what I can do to get myself out of the situation, and I found a gap in the market for a massage business.”   

As a professional message therapist since 2014, Ayisha finally had the opportunity to launch her massage clinic idea during the first lockdown.

Now that lockdown restrictions have lifted, the business finally has taken off.

Her services include a variety of massages, including sports massage therapy, reflexology, trigger point therapy and other types with prices starting at £35.

Ayisha also provides home visit service for people who are medically unfit to travel to her clinic, as well as for all those who prefer this option. She also offers personalised modern style backdrops for customers on special occasions.  

“Many people, like me, have also lost their jobs in the pandemic, and it has affected them negatively, both mentally and physically," she added. 

“But I want my business to inspire other young people in my generation to find the motivation somehow and to get out the position they are in.” 

Visit: prestigemassagist.wixsite.com/website

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