Fake designer clothing worth thousands seized from one stall at Wembley Market

Around 940 counterfeit Adidas, Nike, Hollister, Voi Jeans, Gucci and Ralph Lauren garments confiscated

Thousands of pounds worth of fake designer clothing have been seized from ONE stall at Wembley Market in a Christmas clampdown.

Four men were arrested and bailed after officers from Brent and Harrow Trading Standards Service (BHTSS) swoop on the stall in a targeted operation.

During the raid they uncovered around 940 garments carrying the brand names of Adidas, Nike, Hollister, Voi Jeans, Gucci and Ralph Lauren; some openly on sale others in a makeshift stockroom at the back the stall.

The stall was specifically targeted because the stock had been abandoned by staff when a similar raid took place previously.

The week before the swoop happened BHTSS officers brought a fake Gucci tracksuit for �15 covertly recording the sale to use as evidence.

They also bought a fake Diesel T shirt, Armani T Shirt, a pair of Ugg boots and a counterfeit Adidas T shirt from other stalls.

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Officers also searched a van associated with the stall which was found to contain more fake stock.

The men, three in the 20s and the fourth in his 40s will attend a police station at a later date.

Bill Bilon, head of BHTSS, said: “This is another example of the blatant selling of counterfeit goods at Wembley Market. “The tracksuits were of poor quality and clearly fake.

“I am pleased with the result of this operation which should serve as a warning to others that selling counterfeit goods is a very serious matter.

“Those involved in this type of activity will be investigated and prosecuted which will result in a criminal record. Furthermore, those convicted of selling fake goods can also lose their assets when we investigate them under the Proceeds of Crime Act which permits the confiscation of money, vehicles, homes and other property gained from this type of illegal activity”.