Experimental play at Kilburn’s Tricycle explores desire to challange

Three very different stories that jump from one to another follow subjects pushingh themselves to the limits

THE Tricycle Theatre’s new play Water sees the return of renowned production company Filter exploring the man’s desire to push himself to the limits in an increasingly unstable world.

Directed by David Farr, Water inter-cuts between powerful individual stories; in Canada two half brothers clash over the legacy of their dead father.

Meanwhile in Germany a young female special advisor tries to push through a deal at a political summit, and in Mexico a young Englishman prepares to dive the deepest freshwater cave in the world.

Filter is well-respected for its distinctive theatrical style that exposes the workings of a production – video is mixed onstage and sound is produced live by a musician and the performers to create a unique, live chemistry experience for audiences.

The play runs from February 1 to March 5 with performances at 4pm and 8pm except Sundays.

Tickets from �8.50 to �22 available from the box-office on 0207 328 1000.

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For more information visit www.tricycle.co.uk

Tricycle Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road, Kilburn