Environmental officer condemns damp-riddled home of MS sufferer in Harlesden

Donna Rose suffers in her damp-riddled flat (pic credit: Angela Blake)

Donna Rose suffers in her damp-riddled flat (pic credit: Angela Blake) - Credit: Archant

A multiple sclerosis sufferer has been forced to live in conditions so poor that her flat has been deemed unfit for human inhabitation by an environmental officer.

Donna Rose, of Harlesden Road, Harlesden, claims Network Stadium Housing (NSH) has failed to successfully tackle the damp which has riddled her home since 2009.

The 46-year-old says a catalogue of botched repairs to deal with the mould and constant water leaks has not only resulted in further damage to her home but has worsened her health.

She told the Times that despite the damning inspection report, which was the result of a fourth visit by an environmental officer, the housing association has turned a blind eye to the problem, leaving her a prisoner in her home.

MS is a brain and/or spinal disorder which causes muscle spasms and fatigue.

Some sufferers end up wheelchair dependent.

Ms Rose said: “I find myself short of breath on many occasions and it is without a doubt because of the problems.

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‘‘I regularly sit by an opened window just to get some fresh air. Even then, I am overcome with the smell from the blocked drains.

“I feel so depressed. It’s like I am a prisoner in my own home.”

The Times has seen the report in which the flat’s condition is described as “very poor”. It also highlights concerns about Ms Rose’s health.

The report added: “Conditions are so poor that the accommodation is unsuitable for continued occupation in this condition and is unfit for human habitation at common law.”

Ms Rose, who has lived at the flat for 20 years with her son, 16, said she was so embarrassed that she would not invite visitors over.

“I can’t continue to live under these conditions,” she added. NSH has turned a blind eye to the problems – it’s like they don’t care. This can’t go on.”

A NSH spokesman admitted being aware of Ms Rose’s plight and the company is actively seeking to resolve the situation.

He added: “Network Stadium takes its responsibilities towards its residents very seriously.

“We have called Ms Rose and arranged to visit her next week, to determine if she can continue to remain in this property until we do the remedial works in her flat.

“We will continue to work with Ms Rose to resolve any other outstanding issues.”