Environment Minister calls Brent’s streets dirty

Paul Edgeworth and Dan Rogerson inspecting overflowing bins and dumped rubbish in Willesden Green

Paul Edgeworth and Dan Rogerson inspecting overflowing bins and dumped rubbish in Willesden Green - Credit: Archant

An Environment Minister has rubbished the state of the streets in Brent calling them dirty during a visit to Willesden Green yesterday.

Dan Rogerson, MP for North Cornwall, also slammed the council saying they had allowed litter and dumped rubbish to become a problem.

The Liberal Democrat politician was invited to the borough by local party activists who claim council chiefs are failing to tackle the issue.

Mr Rogerson, who served as an aide to Brent Central MP Sarah Teather during the Brent East by-election in 2003, said: “I remember from my time in Brent during the by-election that dirty streets were one of the biggest complaints from local people.

“Today I have seen for myself that nearly 11 years later litter and dumped rubbish has been allowed to become a problem once again.”

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He added: “I am reassured to hear that Lib Dem councillors and candidates in Brent are taking this issue seriously and are campaigning for action to clean local streets more often and crack down on fly-tipping.”

Paul Edgeworth, Lib Dem councillor candidate for Mapesbury, gave Mr Rogerson a tour of several streets in Willesden Green including Blenheim Gardens.

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He said: “Unfortunately litter and fly-tipping has become all too common since Labour councillors running Brent Council cut street cleaning from three times a week to just once a week, and decided to empty our bins less often.

“Local Lib Dems will continue to campaign for better street cleaning services and for Brent Council to take real action of fly-tipping and litter.”

Last December the council launched a campaign targeting illegal dumpers with posters warning of the penalties being put up around the borough.

They leafleted homes in hot spot areas informing them how they can report fly-tippers and are naming and shaming culprits who have been successfully prosecution.

Cllr Roxanne Mashari, Brent Council’s lead member for environment and neighbourhoods, denied the council were falling to deal with the issue.

She said: “Our fly tipping campaign is working and it is the toughest this council has ever been on prosecuting and naming and shaming fly tippers.

“It would be helpful if the Lib Dems could bring a minister to Brent to see the devastating impact that Tory/Lib Dem Government cuts are having on thousands of our poorest residents.

“The Lib Dems try to portray a ‘Golden Age’ in Brent when they were last in administration. The reality is that in 2009 when they ran the council there were only six prosecutions for fly tipping compared to the 668 under Labour over the past year.”

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