Egyptian political group Muslim Brotherhood is based in Cricklewood

Muslim Brotherhood HQ is based in a flat in Cricklewood

Muslim Brotherhood HQ is based in a flat in Cricklewood - Credit: Archant

A major Egyptian political group, who were ousted from power amid popular demonstrations, is operating in Cricklewood..

The once praised political group, Muslim Brotherhood have launched a fight-back against Egypt’s military rulers –from a cramped flat on top of a derelict shop on Cricklewood Broadway.

A regular at a Algerian café across the road said members often visit and host private meetings.

Telling the Times that the organisation had been operating in London “for many years”, the man, who did not want to be named added: “They usually meet on Sunday evening and sometimes hold meeting to the early hours of the morning.”

“They don’t cause any problem.”

The Brotherhood’s ability to function in the home country was left in tatter as the current military led government formally designated it a terrorist organisation on Christmas Day

Another man, a local business owner that neighbours London headquarter, who also wishes to remain anonymous, said that they were regular customers.

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“They are my customers, they are very peaceful people, they never make trouble for us or anybody in the local area.”

Commenting on the news, Cllr Sami Hashmi, Lib Dem councillor for Mapesbury which covers Cricklewood, said: “It is new to me. I have no problem with it at all.”

The leader of the group, Mohamed Morsi, was imprisoned following clashes between government troops clash with and anti-regime protesters, in which more that 1,000 died.

He became Egypt’s first democratically-elected president but was removed from power following an army coup.