White Ribbon Day: More than 46,000 women in Brent are domestic abuse victims

White balloons were released in Wembley today

White balloons were released in Wembley today - Credit: Archant

More than 46,000 women in Brent are victims of domestic abuse with the numbers rising year on year.

White Ribbon Campaign Brent

White Ribbon Campaign Brent - Credit: Archant

The shocking statistic was revealed today after the council was heralded for its response to domestic violence.

A stream of white balloons were released over Wembley in support of White Ribbon Day today.

Supporters of the global campaign to eliminate violence against women and girls gathered outside Brent Civic Centre on Tuesday to sign a pledge never to condone violence against women, or stand back and do nothing.

MP Seema Malhorta, shadow minister of Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls, joined councillors, the police, fire brigade, and health professionals in a day of talks and workshops with the theme “Domestic Abuse is Not Fair Game” to highlight the increase in domestic violence after sporting events.

Ms Malhotra said: “Today was a really important day for Brent to be restating its commitment tackling violence against women and girls in all its forms. The conference that was held and with the presence of the White Ribbon Campaign is one of its kind in terms of what local authority are doing.

“This was a combination of awareness raising, partnership building and also of learning.”

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She applauded the way Brent comes together and pools its resources, particularly in regards to the newer forms of abuse such as child sex exploitation and female genital mutilation. “It’s not just how you tackle it but also have a strong prevention agenda, which was an important part of the message today.”

She told delegates that a Labour government will pledge a new £3m refuge fund to meet the needs of victims and how sexual education in schools needs to be integrated from key stage one. “Unless you send a really strong message about zero tolerance regarding the violence in relationships, it’s not going to change behaviours.”

Dawn Butler, Labour’s candidiate for Brent Central, said that more needs to be done, particularly with the growth of abuse among young people.

“The figures are shocking, she said.

“We know that there’s a lot more domestic violence that goes on that is unreported.

“In Brent we should be trailblazing, we should be showing that the police are properly trained to spot domestic abuse and report it effectively and increase training in the courts to deal with it.”

Cllr James Denselow, lead member for stronger communities at Brent Council, added: “Domestic violence nationally is increasing.

“Brent isn’t alone, it is not an island. We are on the front foot when dealing with it.