Cricklewood primary school hosts 'welcome back' street party for pupils

Street party celebrating children returning to Mora School

Mora headteacher Kate Bass with guitarists L-R David Mason, Isobella, Marcus Bonfanti and Mia at the welcome back to school celebration - Credit: Jonathan Goldberg

Pupils were welcomed back to school in Cricklewood with a live music street party.

Staff and pupils danced into Mora Primary School this morning as all schools in the UK returned to in-person teaching during the third national lockdown.

Street party celebrating children returning to Mora School

Parent and guitarist Marcus Bofanti with Mora Primary School pupil Santana on first day back - Credit: Jonathan Goldberg

They were treated to a playlist of five songs, including Walking on Sunshine, Happy, Don't Worry Be Happy, You Are My Sunshine "for the little ones" and Proud Mary.

Kate Bass, headteacher of the school in Mora Road said neighbours were leafleted about the event beforehand to involve the whole community.

"It was fun and really nice. We were worried initially we wouldn't be able to keep people socially distanced but they were fine.

"It was all worth it; kids needed something to come back to and they all deserved it. Kids asked: 'Are we going to do this every day?'"

Street party celebrating children returning to Mora School

Performers at Mora Primary School welcome back party (L_R) Mel McHugh, Minnie Tejan-Cole, Simone Noel and George Bass - Credit: Jonathan Goldberg

Pupils were coming back to Science Week at school with "lots of practical hands on learning," Ms Bass added.

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"Some learning has been missed but it's important pupils don't feel they are behind."

Laura Kyle, first year teacher, added: "It brought a little cheer to the whole community."

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