Row breaks out at Wembley school over victimisation claims

Copland Community School

Copland Community School - Credit: Archant

Teachers at Copland Community School claim they are being picked on because of union links

A row has broken out at a school in Wembley with staff claiming they have been victimised because of their union links.

Teachers from the Humanities department of Copland Community School in Cecil Avenue, allege they were ordered to move out of their designated building because they fiercely opposed the controversial plans to adopt academy status in September.

The conversion was announced in May after the school was placed in special measures by education watchdog Ofsted following an inspection.

Staff at the school who are against the plans have staged two strikes.

Hank Roberts, a geography teacher and the president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said staff failed to be consulted or given any other options before having to pack up their classrooms on Tuesday.

He said they were told as English is failing at the school it should be housed in one building instead.

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“There is a key benefit to the school in breaking up the humanities department as overwhelmingly the union reps are concentrated in humanities and based in that department, “ he said.

“We’re a very good department and we’re only being picked on because we are obviously against the school becoming an academy.

“If there is a problem with English results what should be put in place first is support for them in their teaching or learning, not playing merry go rounds with other people’s faculties and not doing it in a way where there is no planning consultations and a ridiculously short timetable.”

Nick John , the school’s new head teacher who will take over in September, said: “Teachers and students at Copland Community School are preparing for the new school year, we are looking forward to working with parents and families to improve standards and secure good lessons for all children.

When Copland becomes an academy in September, Brent will lose its last local authority maintained school. Union members are determined to fight this, and the humanities move.