Residents fear expansion of primary school in North Wembley could be fatal

Protestors Cllr Keith Perrin, far right, with residents.against antisocial behaviour caused by parki

Protestors Cllr Keith Perrin, far right, with residents.against antisocial behaviour caused by parking problems at Byron Court Primary Photo by Adam Tiernan Thomas - Credit: Archant

Parents and residents living next to a primary school in North Wembley fear a child could be killed if a planned expansion goes ahead.

The neighbours of Byron Court Primary School in Spencer Road, claims careless driving by some with parents could worsen and resulted in a possible fatality.

They claim some parents are parking in their driveways or across them and becoming abusive if challenged while causing safety issues for children crossing the road.

Brent Council controversially gave the green light for the primary school to surge from 600 to 1,050 pupils in September 2017.

Martin Dickens, a parent at the school, said: “There are big problems with illegal activity, parking on double yellow lines, across driveways, anti-social behaviour and, above all else, endangering children’s safety.

“This year alone I’ve heard about two incidents where children have been hit with cars and just last week parents received a text message from the school stating ‘Please drive carefully when dropping off/collecting your children. An incident yesterday, as a result of careless driving could have been fatal’.”

He added: “Brent Council’s own transportation officers stated there were serious safety problems at present and that the submitted travel plan was considered inadequate and failed their own assessment.

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“It`s surely common sense that the situation will only get worse by adding over 300 cars and 400 extra children into this tight space, and many parents feel that the school and the council are creating a dangerous situation which could have serious consequences.”

Kaye James, chair of Sudbury Court Residents Association, said: “This isn’t just us complaining, there is escalation of the antisocial behaviour with one of the most recent examples leading to a conviction of assault of one parent against a local resident. It’s continually concerns me that residents and children in the school are having to deal with this on daily basis.”

Steve Werren, a freelance musician who lives in the street, said: “Parents are parking in our drive ways or blocking them so residents can’t get out.

“If you say anything to them they become abusive as to why residents want to get into their driveway at this time of the day.

“This is a daily occurrence and to be honest, everyone is sick and tired of going through this year after year. If they expand the school it’s going to be twice as bad, there’ll be a pile up of cars, no space at all.”

A spokeswoman for Brent Council said “measures were being implemented” to address additional traffic and parking concerns including a walkway to Northwick Car Park .

She added: “Blocked driveways are given a high priority for parking enforcement and we are wholly prepared to issue parking fines and, if necessary, remove the vehicles causing the blockage.

“Our safety officers routinely work with schools to deliver effective messaging to parents about their behaviours. Where actions start to take the form of anti-social behaviour and are reported to the council, we work with all stakeholders, including the police, to find a solution that can be sustained.

“We expect people to act responsibly and set the right example, however when this doesn’t happen, anti-social behaviour can be reported to us on 020 8937 1058 or by emailing