Pupils at Kenton school treated to scientific extravaganza

Claremont High School Academy hosted a dedicated science workshop

Claremont High School Academy hosted a dedicated science workshop - Credit: Archant

Science Museum volunteers visit Claremont High School Academy

Students at a Kenton school were treated to a scientific extravaganza during a special workshop hosted by a pair of museum volunteers.

The pupils at Claremont High School Academy in Claremont Avenue, were visited by the workers from the Science Museum in South Kensington for the session called ‘It Takes Guts’.

The project is designed to improve pupils’ skills in science and build interest in the subject.

A selected number of pupils also got the opportunity to learn about how the museum links its collection to its scientific principles.

Richard Wood, science teacher at the school, said: “We learnt what makes a healthy breakfast which included a mix of carbohydrates and dairy produce. The presenter, got toast and beans, sausage and even milk and started mixing it in a bowl. The journey began at the oesophagus and ended at the rectum. On the projector we watched a capsule travelling inside, yes inside the human body. It showed the muscle at the bottom of your oesophagus which makes you vomit any harmful food. Then we travelled to your liver and stomach, where we met the acid neutralization team keeping your stomach safe.”

“We look forward to seeing them again as it was extremely informative and we thoroughly enjoyed it!”

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The next part of the project takes place in June where pupils will visit the Science Museum and learn more about it.

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