Primary school in Sudbury wins ‘morally wrong’ alcohol licence

Pravin Ambhir, Ian Morland, Prakesh Suchdev, Vilas Chauhan,
Meera Chauhan, Ramesh Gadhia protestin

Pravin Ambhir, Ian Morland, Prakesh Suchdev, Vilas Chauhan, Meera Chauhan, Ramesh Gadhia protesting over late hour and alcohol licensing application at Subury primary school - . Photo by Adam Tiernan Thomas - Credit: Archant

A primary school in Sudbury can hold events after hours after its application for an alcohol license was given the green light.

Residents living near Sudbury Primary School in Watford Road are angered by the decision, made by Brent Council on Tuesday night, calling it ‘morally wrong’.

The council committee reduced the hours stated on the application for parties to end at 12.30am on Friday and Saturday, instead of 3am and at 11pm on Sunday to Thursday.

Prakesh Suchdev, who launched a petition against the proposals from his home in Elms Lane, said: “It is a sad day. A school should not be able to allow alcohol. The smell will remain in the school when the children attend the next day.

“When the school became an academy its funds were reduced by the government and it had to raise money itself. It’s morally wrong to promote alcohol in primary schools.”

A spokeswoman for Brent Council said: “The committee reached a majority decision. The application was granted with conditions and a reduction in hours.

“The hours of licensable activities are Sunday to Thursday 10am until 11pm, and on Friday and Saturday 10am until 12:30am.

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“None of the licensable activities can take place if school children are present, and school functions will always take priority to letting of the school hall.”

The school has been contacted.

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