Primary school in Neasden tops Brent’s three Rs league table

Wykeham Primary School topped the borough's league table (Pic credit: Google streetview)

Wykeham Primary School topped the borough's league table (Pic credit: Google streetview) - Credit: Archant

Primary schools in Brent have improved on their teaching of reading, writing and mathematics, according to the latest figures.

Data released by the Department of Education shows 80 per cent of 11-year-olds at the borough’s primary schools achieved a good standard in the three Rs this year.

The government target is 65 per cent.

Wykeham Primary School in Aboyne Road, Neasden, topped the borough’s league table, with 100 per cent of children achieving Level 4 or above.

St Joseph’s RC Primary School in Goodson Road, Harlesden, also scored 100 per cent and was ranked a close second.

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Nationally, the number of primaries failing to give their pupils a good grounding in the three Rs has remained static this year, despite schools facing tougher government targets,

To meet government standards, schools must ensure that at least 65 per cent of 11-year-olds reach Level 4 in reading, writing and mathematics, and meet national averages in pupil progress.

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Schools are ranked according to percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 in reading, writing and mathematics.

Brent’s league table

1. Wykeham in Neasden (100)

2. St Joseph’s RC in Harlesden (100)

3. Northview in Neasden (96)

4. Sinai Jewish in Kenton (93)

5. Chalkhill in Wembley (93)

6. St Robert Southwell in Kingsbury (93)

7. Sudbury in Wembley (92)

8. Our Lady of Grace Catholic (92)

9. Uxendon Manor in Kenton (92)

10. Leopold in Harlesden (91)

11. North West London Jewish in Kilburn (91)

12. Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah in Dollis Hill (91)

13. Malorees in Kilburn (90)

14. Our Lady of Lourdes RC in Stonebridge (90)

15. Oakington Manor in Wembley (89)

16. The Kilburn Park in Kilburn (89)

17. St Joseph RC in Wembley (88)

18. Princess Frederica CofE in Kensal Rise (88)

19. Mount Stewart in Kenton (87)

20. St Margaret Clitherow RC in Neasden (87)

21. Wembley Primary (86)

22. Oliver Goldsmith in Kingsbury (85)

23. Mitchell Brook in Neasden (84)

24. Brentfield in Neasden (83)

25. St Andrew and St Francis CofE in Dollis Hill (83)

26. Donnington in Willesden (83)

27. Harlesden Primary (83)

28. Gladstone Park in Dollis Hill (82)

29. Salusbury in Queen’s Park (82)

30. Roe Green in Kingsbury (81)

31. St Mary Magdalen Catholic in Willesden (81)

32. Islamia in Queen’s Park (81)

33. Byron Court in Wembley (79)

34. Preston Park in Wembley (78)

35. Park Lane in Wembley (78)

36. Furness in Harlesden (78)

37. John Keble CofE in Harlesden (78)

38. Barham in Wembley (77)

39. Stonebridge School (75)

40. Lyon Park in Alperton (73)

41. Mora in Cricklewood (73)

42. Elsley in Wembley (72)

43. Kingsbury Green Primary (71)

44. St Mary’s CofE in Willesden (71)

45. Fryent in Kingsbury (70)

46. Newfield in Harlesden (69)

47. Christ Church CofE in Willesden (68)

48. Anson in Cricklewood (67)

49. Braintcroft in Neasden (63)

50. ARK Franklin in Kensal Rise (54)

51. St Mary’s RC in Neasden (percentage figure was unavailable).

No figures were available for Ark Academy and Preston Manor, both in Wembley.

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