Primary school in Neasden rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted

Theresa Landreth with pupils from her school (Pic credit: Adam Tiernan Thomas)

Theresa Landreth with pupils from her school (Pic credit: Adam Tiernan Thomas) - Credit: Archant

A primary school in Neasden which was once placed in special measures has been rated “outstanding” by education watchdogs Ofsted.

Mitchell Brook Primary School in Bridge Road, was given the rating in all five categories including the effectiveness of leadership and quality of teaching.

More than half the pupils are eligible for the pupil premium, given to disadvantaged children, rated above average nationally by the education watchdog.

The school was placed in special measures in 1997 and has spent years building itself up, with the last two inspections rated “good”.

Theresa Landreth, headteacher for 11 years, said: “I’m not going to credit the outstanding to my headship at all but it’s not a school of choice and it’s one of those things where our reputation in the community has not been good for many years. “Unfortunately you need something like an Ofsted validation for people to sit up and go ‘wow’.

“We already knew we had outstanding provision; it was just waiting to have that final stamp.”

The native New Zealander first came to the school as a supply teacher before leaving then invited back again.

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She added: “When I came here there were a lot of supply staff here, it was tough. The windows were broken, things didn’t work, there was just no money, you had to buy your own resources. It’s been built up by people who genuinely believe what I believe - that is wanting the best. It’s the firm belief that the children and the school deserve the best. Best staff, best building, best playground.”

The school was expanded to three form entry last year, which created an opportunity for a new building and refurbishment.

A number of awards have been won including Achievement for All and Science Quality Marks.

It also received a 2015 Fair Play Award.

Ms Landreth added: “We’ve quietly just been getting on with it, looking for areas we could find our strength.

“We have a fantastic curriculum, we take the children out everywhere, we use our pupil premium really well, we are relentless really.”