How much does it cost to live near Brent's best schools?

Ofsted outstanding schools in Brent, including Woodfield School, Byron Court Primary School and Michaela Community School

We've created a map of house prices close to the schools in Brent rated Outstanding by Ofsted, including those near Woodfield School (pictured) - Credit: Google Maps

Living near the best schools is a priority for any parent.

Being able to send your child to a school that's outstanding in the eyes of Ofsted is often a factor in where families set up home.

With that considered, we've created an interactive map which shows you how much it will cost to live near one of the top 21 schools in Brent.

North Wembley

Two of Brent's top schools - one primary, the other secondary - are in North Wembley.

The two areas closest to Byron Court Primary School and Wembley High Technology College are Northwick Park and Sudbury.

A house in the former will set you back somewhere between £500,000 and £750,000 - depending on where you are.

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Sudbury is a little more affordable, with properties in this area ranging from £282,500 to £530,000.


St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School and St Joseph's Roman Catholic Infant School are both in the heart of Wembley.

How much will it cost to live close to either?

Again, that depends on where you are. The average price in the Wembley Central area is around £370,000 - though prices can rise to as much as £581,500.

The neighbouring areas of Alperton, Preston and Tokyngton are also options.

On the fringes of Alperton - bordering Perivale - the average house price ranges between £340,500-£470,000.

Prices can rise to as much as £485,000 as you go further toward Wembley Central.

Parts of Preston could set you back as much as £673,000; however, the typical price ranges between £510,000-£571,000.

This area is near to a further two Outstanding secondary schools in the area: Michaela Community School and Ark Academy.

Also close to those two schools is Tokyngton, where - depending on where you are - house prices can range from £362,000 to £600,000.

Properties in the neighbourhoods surrounding Oakington Manor Primary School - another school on the list - cost between £425,000-£500,000.

Willesden and Queens Park

Three Outstanding schools are within this catchment area: Convent of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Infant School, College Green School and Services and Manor School.

Properties in Willesden Green - near the first of these three schools - are more affordable than those close to the other two.

In that area, house prices range from £372,000 to £642,000. 

It becomes more expensive the closer you get to Queens Park, in parts of which properties cost well over £1million.

The highest average price, according to the figures, is £1,676,750.

Buying in Brondesbury Park, also close to the latter two schools mentioned above, is slightly more affordable - albeit homes can still cost over £1m.

Dollis Hill

Buying in the Dollis Hill area will see you live near to the Our Lady of Grace Catholic Schools; both the Junior School and Infant and Nursery School. 

Properties in this area start at around £315,000, and range right up to an average price of £688,000.

Where else could you buy?

There are a further four Outstanding schools - spanning a number of neighbourhoods - on the same side of Brent as Dollis Hill.

If you want to be close to Woodfield School or Wykeham School, the Welsh Harp area is the best place to invest.

Properties in this area range from £310,000 to £585,000.

On the northern side of the borough, there are Outstanding-rated schools close to Kenton and Colindale.

Claremont High School, St Gregory's Catholic Science College and Mount Stewart Junior School are close to Kenton, where house prices range from £360,000 to £825,000.

By comparison, those in Queensbury - close to The Village School in Colindale - can cost a relatively affordable £178,000.

However, in parts of that area a house could set you back £567,500.