Olympic fever grips Wembley primary school

Children learn about the history of the games

Olympic fever has gripped a school in Wembley six months before the London 2012 Games begin.

A special assembly was held at Chalkhill Primary School, in Barnhill Road, today (Friday) to mark the occasion. .

Children learnt about the history of the Olympics and what it will mean for Brent to be a host borough.

The day was organised by teachers Natalie Beatson and Emma Butler.

Stanka Sebest, 11, said: “We learnt a lot during our special Olympic themed day and it was lots of fun. I’m really looking forward to the games coming to Brent. My favourite sport is running.”

Nazlee Sinclair, deputy headteacher, said: “Chalkhill Primary School is now gearing up for the games. The children are really looking forward to the Olympics coming to their city. The assembly was extremely entertaining and one-passerby stopped and smiled as she looked in the window and heard the children singing. Huge thanks must go to those who organised the day.”