Ofsted downgrade Jewish school in Kenton following indoctrination claims

JFS has been downgraded from Ofsted 'outstanding' to 'requires improvement' (pic credit: Google Maps

JFS has been downgraded from Ofsted 'outstanding' to 'requires improvement' (pic credit: Google Maps) - Credit: Archant

A Jewish school in Kenton has been downgraded by education watchdogs after an unannounced inspection following a claim that pupils were being taught extremist orthodox views.

JFS has been stripped of its outstanding grade by Ofsted after inspectors carried out a two-day visit at its site in The Mall.

The school, which recently celebrated 100 per cent A levels pass rate and 99.9 per cent for its GCSEs, has been told it ‘requires improvement’ following the inspection.

According to the Ofsted report the inspection was arranged in response to a letter which claimed ‘students were being indoctrinated by the extreme orthodox views of some teachers.’

However, inspectors found no evidence to support the claim during the visit in July.

The report also outlined a catalogue of concerns about the school including a dismissive attitude to education shown by a minority of students, poor attendance by disadvantaged pupils and their disciplinary procedures not being effective, fair and consistent.

But the school is commended for its students’ achievements and its aspirational vision which is shared by parents, students and staff.

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The nine-page dossier said: “Most teaching over time is good. Some teaching is outstanding.”

Jonathan Miller, JFS headmaster, said: “We will respond to all the areas of development mentioned in the report, many of which we had already identified ourselves.

“We would like to take this opportunity of thanking those members of the Brent and JFS school community who have contacted the school to let us know that the report does not truly reflect the school they know.”