Brent Council wins high court case against Wembley primary school’s use of carpark for Stadium event days

Oakington Manor School is in Wembley (pic credit: Google)

Oakington Manor School is in Wembley (pic credit: Google) - Credit: Archant

Council chiefs have won a High Court battle to stop one of its own primary schools in Wembley from using its car park for material gain.

Oakington Manor Primary School, in Oakington Manor Drive, must stop using its land as a public car park, which it was doing on event days at Wembley Stadium.

Brent Council originally took enforcement action in 2017 against the school for a material change of use from a school to mixed use as a school and a car park not ancillary to the use as a school.

The school successfully appealed against the enforcement notice to the Planning Inspectorate, saying it had been providing the parking service for more than 20 years - meaning it was too late to bring action, which must be done within a decade.

The Planning Inspectorate had found that the school's use as an event-day car park actually began a little later than that - at an under-21s match in March 2007 - but still more than a decade before the 2017 enforcement action.

"On the date of this event the school had people outside the site directing cars to park at the school and collecting money from those driving onto the school grounds to park within the designated area," wrote the inspector. "In addition, people from the school collected the £10 parking fee in buckets in 2007, which is not something which took place with any onsite event parking."

But on June 6 the council successfully the Planning Inspectorate's decision by saying the most significant change of use had actually occurred after Wembley Stadium's capacity was increased for Spurs' home games in 2016. The school let in 8,000 cars over 42 days in a year.

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A Brent Council spokesperson said there had been "many complaints about major congestion and disruption from the use of the school as an event-day car park for some 400 cars".

"Wembley has a 90,000 capacity and sufficient car parking is already available for those who need to travel by car, but it's always advised to travel by train, bus and other forms of transport which help ease congestion and are better for the environment," he added. "We will take a stand against unauthorised car parks which cause congestion and disruption locally and provide no benefit for local residents."