Neasden primary school cleared of child cruelty allegations

Brentfield Primary School is in Brentfield Road (Pic: Jonathan Goldberg)

Brentfield Primary School is in Brentfield Road (Pic: Jonathan Goldberg) - Credit: Archant

A Neasden primary school has been cleared of any wrongdoing amid claims it had banned pupils from using the toilet and stopped them from eating food if they are naughty.

An investigation by Brent Council was launched after several parents made the allegations against Brentfield Primary School in Brentfield Road.

Around 80 parents had signed a petition stating they had no confidence in headteacher Paola Riddle.

The probe has since found no evidence to the claims and exonerated the school and Mrs Riddle.

Mrs Riddle said: “Since the article in the Brent and Kilburn Times was published in May, the school has received a number of calls from parents and carers in support of the school, who have commented that their children enjoy coming to school and that they feel safe and happy here. This is reflective of the relationship we have with the vast majority of our parents.

“Of course, as in any organisation, there is always room for improvement and my staff and I will strive to make what is already a good school, an even better one, based on the recommendations made during this investigation.

“I am very proud to be the headteacher of Brentfield Primary School and will continue ensuring that my staff and I do everything possible to keep the children here happy and safe. That, and ensuring they receive a good education and are able to reach their full potential, are and will always be our main priorities.”

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A council spokeswoman added: “We take the safety and welfare of our children in Brent extremely seriously and will always investigate a concern or referral thoroughly, following due process.

“It’s not appropriate for the council to go into detail regarding individual investigations, regardless of outcome, however it can be noted that we have now concluded our investigation with the full co-operation of the school and closed the case.”