Last-ditch attempt made to save Stonebridge Adventure Playground

Stonebridge Adventure Playground, children campaign donning masks

Stonebridge Adventure Playground, children campaign donning masks - Credit: Archant

Children in Stonebridge have made a last-ditch attempt to save their beloved play centre by making fox masks which they made over the weekend.

Along with a banner reading “Children hunting for respect and justice” they hope their efforts, which includes 1000 signatures they have collected for the petition, will result in rescuing their club from closure.

In a move to give them all hope, Brent Council last week granted the Adventure Playground in Northwick Road a Community Asset Status.

Doug Lee, who manages the playcentre said: “A lot of children and families in the estate thought we had won the battle. It’s not that, it’s just a community asset.

“It protects it in some way but they can still plough ahead and do what they are going to do.”

His wife Glynis Lee, with whom he has run SAP for 38 years added: “We hope they follow this through by saving the Stonebridge Adventure Playground.

Through this campaign the children have begun to learn how democracy, and fairness can hide behind a mask of beaurocracy and they are seeking justice.”

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She added: “The campaign has brought the community together, and we have been made aware of the huge support from all around Stonebridge, Harlesden, St Raphaels estate, and even from Willesden and Wembley.”

The final consultation took place last night. Mrs Lee added: “We are worried that the consultation is just a pretence and that this administration will do whatever it wants to do anyway.

“As the consultation is about to finish, we shall be watching closely to ensure the children’s views are taken into account, and that the process of examining the documentation is fair and equitable. If we have any concerns we shall challenge the result.”