Headteacher and caretaker of Wembley primary school suspended following financial investigation

Decision made after Brent Council probed Park Lane Primary School

The headteacher and caretaker of a Wembley primary school have been suspended following a council investigation into its finances.

Jean Gordon Reynolds, headteacher of Park Lane Primary School in Park Lane, Wembley, and Melvin Thrope, have been temporarily removed from their posts by the school’s chair of governors.

The decision was made as the result of a probe into the school’s financial management by Brent Council’s Audit and Investigation team.

A spokesman for Brent Council said: “This is a neutral act and should not be seen as a pre-judgement of the issues by the governing body. Nor does it imply any guilt or wilful misconduct on the part of the suspended employees.

“The school and council are unable to comment on the details of the investigation or on what, if any, action may need to be taken in the future. It would be inappropriate to do so until the governing body have considered the issues and any possible disciplinary action has been completed.

“Staff, parents and carers have been informed of the actions taken and Brent Council has arranged for the head teacher and deputy head teacher of a local, successful primary school, to provide support for Park Lane whilst this matter is resolved. They will work with the deputy head and assistant headteacher at Park Lane to ensure the best possible education and care continues to be provided for the pupils.”

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The school, which celebrated its centenary last year, received a good rating by education watchdog Ofsted last October.